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Fomalhaut b
Method of detection:
Direct imaging
Constellation of Piscis Austrinus
Distance from Earth:
25 light-years
Planet type:
Gas giant
Star type:
A-type main sequence
name: Fomalhaut b
ITS RING SYSTEM is staggering, perhaps 10 times larger than Saturn’s. There may be dozens of moons sweeping along inside its rings. This relatively young planet, approximately the size of Jupiter, sits at the inner edge of an enormous disk of gas and debris that surrounds the star Fomalhaut. Scientists, suspecting a planet might exist in that disk, pointed Hubble’s powerful lens in that direction. In 2008 the discovery was confirmed: Fomalhaut b appeared to be shaping the giant debris disk of its star. It is the first exoplanet to be imaged by visible light.
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