HD 188753 Ab
Method of detection:
Direct imaging
Constellation of Cygnus
Distance from Earth:
149 light-years
Planet type:
Gas giant
Star type:
Primary star: HD 188753 A (yellow dwarf); Binary pair: HD 188753 B (orange dwarf), and its companion, HD 188753 C (red dwarf)
name: HD 188753 Ab

SEEN FROM ONE of its hypothetical moons, the gas giant HD 188753 Ab rises slowly above its three setting suns. This is a rare example of an exoplanet found in a triple-star system. It’s discoverer, Dr. Maciej Konacki, referred to planets of this type as “Tatooine planets”, an homage to the Star Wars character Luke Skywalker’s home world. NASA reports that since the triple stars are tightly bunched together “... the sunsets on the planet — or on any moons that might exist around the planet — would be spectacular.” The very existence of this planet, however, is controversial. In 2007, a team of scientists, led by Anne Eggenberger, claimed that existing data does not support the existence of the planet, which was first reported in 2005 by Dr. Konacki. Is the planet really there? We await further words from either side.
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