CoRot 7b
Method of detection:
Constellation of Monoceros
Distance from Earth:
480 light-years
Planet type:
Star type:
G-type main sequence (yellow sun)
name: CoRot 7b
TRAVELING NEAR THE SPEED OF LIGHT, you will take close to 1,000 years to go to CoRot 7b and return home, that is, if your home is Earth. Perhaps is will be robotic explorers that first touch down on what may be a lava world. With temperatures nearing 4,700 degrees F, the side of the planet that permanently faces its sun may be somewhat molten and difficult to explore. It has been likened to Dante’s Inferno and compared to the fictional planet Mustafar in Star Wars. Near the dark side of the planet, however, surprises may await. Melted ice and steam may exist near the transition to the dark side.
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